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MAY 2012

May 2012 at Shady Apple Goats

Doug in February
Doug in February

We lost our beloved Doug last Friday.

Doug believed in me when many doubted. He spent incredible amounts of time taking care of baby goats, working with me to create the Shady Apple Goats website, providing humor during the long stressful nights of those first baby goat births. He was our rock when the world seemed scary and impossible. He could "talk you through" the most complicated things and lead you to understanding. We were really so different — he loved puzzles and computer programs, and trivia, and lived so much in his head. But Doug reminded me how important it is to be involved in local issues, he taught me how to be brave and stand up against discrimination, he taught me about small "d" democracy.

He worked from home and I always felt he could look down from his office window at the back of the house and check on things, making sure we were all ok here. He was always there to help if we needed it. I do not think in all the times we asked for him to lend a hand that he ever once said no — rearranging his schedule if needed to be available to give that noon bottle.

Doug had a smile that lit up the room. He had the rare ability to really listen to others, to be present, to dive in to a problem (not his) and help to solve it. He had a wit that could wilt you. An amazing incredible brain and a huge heart that loved so many so well...

It is really impossible to imagine a world without Doug in it. And each day I wake up and am reminded that we have lost our dear friend and that life as we know it will never be the same.

Doug I hope you are rocking heaven with Sondheim musicals!!!!

I miss you.