Shady Apple Goats Newsletter

APRIL 2011

"April Showers"



April is always a busy month for us and this April is especially busy! Lisa has been working furiously on the new shop addition. With lots of help from Ado and Brian she is planning the roof and windows will go in this weekend and she will officially move in! She has wanted her own shop for so many years so this really is a dream come true!

Once Lisa has moved into the shop we will complete work on the new (larger) milking room in the barn that will accommodate the milking of two goats at one time. We also are putting in a second "kidding stall" where the mama goats and new babies stay for that first week after delivery. We also are working on completing the barn kitchen so that we can accommodate cheese making, canning, soap processing, etc. etc. and also so that we have a great space for the barn classes that will go on this summer and fall as a part of the CSA.


And, as if all this is not enough, we are beginning this year's garden and putting in the first of the greens and spring peas and lettuce. Just waiting for a few warm days in a row now and then will get out that big rototiller and get to work.

The babies...


Honeysuckle is growing by leaps and bounds... I think she is double the size she was when we got her just two weeks ago. She is fitting in well with the "big girl" goats and just began spending the whole day out with the herd. She still gets her bottle three times daily and dear Doug comes daily for the noon feeding. The three pregnant girls — Buttercup, Miracle, and Olive — are all doing well and also growing by leaps and bounds. Their babies are due that last week of May into the second week of June. We eagerly await the arrival of the new kids — I find it a stressful time (hoping all goes well and everyone is healthy) and also a most wonderful adventure welcoming all the new kids.


The cheese...


I am excited about the start of the CSA and am making up menus for cheese and dairy offerings for the first few months. There are currently 19 members in the CSA. I am limiting CSA shares this year to 25 so I am almost at capacity. The CSA members are a great and diverse bunch and I cannot wait to for people to get to know each other through get-togethers and classes. As I mentioned in the original CSA information the share distribution will be either the first or third Saturday of each month. If you have a preference about which time of the month is best for your pick up please let me know — otherwise I will assign members to either pick up. I will notify you of you pick up times within the next two weeks.

The CSA will begin in June. Pick up dates will be either Saturday June 4th (Member group A) or Saturday June 18th (Member group B). The specifics of pick up times will be reviewed in specific CSA information sent out over the next couple of weeks.

The classes

Many of you are excited about the classes that will be held for CSA members over the next several months. If there are specific class ideas that people are interested in please send me an email with your ideas. As of now people have indicated interest in the following classes:

  • Basic canning and jam making
  • Making of soft cheeses and yogurt
  • (More advanced) making of hard cheeses
  • Basics of soap making
  • Intro to beekeeping and harvesting the Fall honey
  • Intro to back yard chicken keeping

I will create a class schedule and those who are taking classes just sign up ASAP and I will accommodate folks w/ adding another class if there is a need.

For those of you have expressed interest in taking classes (but are not CSA members) just let me know which class/time you are interested in and I will try to accommodate the requests. Classes are $30.00/each and include snacks and a share of the product that we produce on the day of the class (if applicable).

One more thing:

CSA member Sarah Gabriel is in the process of creating a wonderful organization that many of you will find interesting. Check out her website to learn about what they are up to:

Happy Spring to everyone!


Laurie and Lisa