Shady Apple Goats

Shady Apple Goats


General Information

We raise Nigerian Dwarf and LaMancha goats. Our goats are registered with the American Goat Society (AGS). In addition, some animals are dual registered with the American Dairy Goat Society (ADGS). We test all goats over the age of six months annually for CAE, Johnes, TB and brucellosis and our herd has always had negative test results. In addition, no goat enters our herd without having negative test results for all of the above diseases.

We are raising dairy goats and so have paid careful attention to choosing a foundation breeding stock with good confirmation and strong dairy character with the aim of producing a line of quality dairy goats with high milk production. We are grateful to Teri Stanton of Pocket Sized Goats, Cheryl Coughlin of Apache Downs Farm, and the Griner Family of Little Orchard LaManchas for providing us support and advice as we build our foundation herd.

We also recognize that many families are looking for goats as a family pet. We have a small herd of goats and spend time with each goat born on our property. As a result, we have friendly gentle goats that make great pets as well as family milkers. We do dam raise most of our kids out of a conviction that this is the healthiest way to raise kids and find that dam raised kids are just as sweet and friendly as bottle raised kids.

All our kids are weaned between six and eight weeks and ready to go to their new homes. They are registered, tattooed, disbudded, wethered (if desired), and have all their initial shots prior to leaving our farm. We will also provide you with an extensive guide to caring for your goat(s) on the day of pick-up.

Kids are born in Spring and Summer months. If you are interested in information on upcoming kidding please do not hesitate to contact us.

Milk test

Although our goats on not on an official milk test program I do keep extensive records on milk production and can provide this information if you are interested. Milk is also sent for pathogen analysis on a twice yearly basis.