Shady Apple Goats

2014 Summer/Fall Member Information

Introduction to the CSA

Welcome to all of you who are a part of the Shady Apple Goats CSA for the 2014 season. I just want to take a moment to thank you for your support of what we are doing here and to give you all some basic information about the 2014 CSA. I am making a lot of cheese here in preparation for the CSA and am excited to share it all with you. We have five goats pregnant and expect the first kids to arrive at the end of April. We will keep everyone posted with updates as the babies arrive. Or, friend Shady Apple Goats on Facebook for news and baby pictures. Also check out the latest Deep Winter 2014 newsletter for updates.

When will the CSA start?

The CSA will begin in June. The first scheduled distribution for those in Group A will be Saturday June 21st and for those in Group B will be Saturday June 28th. CSA distributions are once/monthly and I will send out a reminder of your scheduled pick up one week prior to the pick up date each month. Group A will always pick up the first part of each month and CSA Group B will pick up the second part of each month.

Which CSA group am I in?

The CSA groups are divided as follows:

Group AGroup B
RobertsJ Leatherwood
James & Katy FDeenah L
Kim PNancy H and Phil
Amy HMarie C
Mary RKolodners
Jean RDick and Hadley
Karen AKarin and Scott S
Julie MHope P
MitticasMike G
Melissa KVelma W
Lisa LMarisa C
Carol and WillSusan M
Ron and CarolynNapier/Smith family
Kristina and AndrewMelissa L
Susan VBrad M
Jean HSherry M
Laurie CSandra F
BeansSarah G
CampionsMary Anne D
Kate & Owen OLaryssa M
Anna H

CSA Distribution Pick Up Information:

  • Pick up is at our house 29 West Mill Road in the barn behind the house (second floor kitchen)
  • Please see your designated Group (above) and make a note of your pick up dates based on your Group


Pick Up Dates:

Group AGroup B

A note regarding late pick ups:

Please try to come for your CSA pick up at the dates and times listed above or send someone in your place for pick up. If you need a late pick up your share will be in cooler at end of driveway.

Purchase of additional products

Often there is extra cheese available for purchase. Let me know as you might want extra items. There also are additional items for sale which might include goat milk soap, honey, jams and jellies, chicken eggs, duck eggs, goat and cow yogurt, goat caramels, etc. I will let you know month to month as things are available.

Anything else?

If you have any other questions please let me know! Loook for more informaion on the CSA annual picnic later this summer.

Thank you all again and I look forward to the CSA!